In order to promote the organisation of my wedding i will only use my own images and video and therefore I wont be breaking any copyright laws.

If i was going to use someones else’s images i would either use paid stock service, which will grant me usage of any images I purchase but without requiring me to name the source, or free sock images which provide images for free but which might require me to name the author. both have the advantages and disadvantages such as having to pay vs having to reference the author or artist. 

Employment Opportunities


  • Employment – This means that an organization has hired you and pays you a wage to do a certain job. This usually includes a contract of employment.
  • Self-employment – When you work for yourself and you don’t work for another organization – you don’t have a contract.
  • Unemployment – you don’t earn your own money
  • Voluntary work – you carry out tasks for an organization that doesn’t result in a wage.

2.1 –

  • A local market is local to your home
  • A national market is within your country
  • A European market is within europe
  • And a global market is anywhere in the world

2.2 – Employment opportunities available with local event companies such as Diamond Events, Generator and Millennium Events. There are also several agencies such as Reed and Office Angels.